Paul Walker from Drug Church

I’m not talking about some news of Paul Walker, the recently deceased Fast & Furious stud, being a member of some cloaked, skeezy, drug-laden cult (damn that sounds fun). Instead, I’m talking about the mid-2013 LP release from Drug Church, respectively of the same name.

Drug Church is fronted by Patrick Kindlon of Self Defense Family, and backed by a few other punk rockers from Albany, New York. Drug Church is just about everything I would like to hear in an abrasive, straight-forward, alternative hardcore band. The music by itself is catchy enough to keep you entertained, and then you toss in Patrick’s grizzled voice spewing bitter honesty at you.

“…I’ll be the first to admit there’s not a
Lot of options when you’re dumber than shit.”
-“Riding The Bus To Schenectady”

Damn it’s amazing.

After a Demo Cassette and a couple 7″ records, Drug Church released their debut LP, Paul Walker, through No Sleep Records. Buy the album and other merchandise via No Sleep Records. Or, you can visit No Sleep Records on Bandcamp to stream Paul Walker in it’s entirety. Enjoy.


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